Delhi resident perplexed as Swiggy says Tuesday evening is ‘weekend peak hour’ for delayed delivery

After waiting for a long time for his food to be delivered on a Tuesday evening, a Swiggy customer was left perplexed when he received a rather strange reply from the customer service team for the delay. “As it is a weekend peak hour, the restaurant is facing heavy demand due to which there is a slight delay in your order. Request you to wait for sometime and the order will be delivered to you at the earliest,” the customer care department replied. Confused by the message, the Reditt user @soumil80 quickly reminded the customer-care support team that it was, in fact, a Tuesday evening. A screenshot of the message was shared on Reddit with the caption, “This agent thinks Tuesday 5 pm is weekend peak, I need the kind of stuff these guys are smoking.” The Delhi resident had ordered a meal from the food delivery app, Swiggy. Swiggy quality is going down fast byu/soumil80 indelhi Netizens couldn’t help but flood the comment sections with laughing emojis and humorous anecdotes of their own encounters with delivery mishaps. One user wrote, “Dilli Se Hun!Wishing for weekend on the second day of week itself….well I don’t blame him.” Another added, “Once Swiggy made me wait five hours for my food and delivered it at 2 AM. I’d already ordered from Zomato by then since swiggy was neither ready to accept their mistake nor refund my money.” And a third user joked, “It’s probably a chatbot.Swiggy is planning to go for IPO and cutting costs everywhere. They wanna show profitability before IPO by hook or crook. Hence all these shenanigans.” None

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