Mahira Khan says everyone was ‘ugly crying’ at her wedding, including waiters and ‘gora’ DJs: ‘Yeh kya ho raha hai?’

Everyone gets emotional at weddings, but when it’s Mahira Khan tying the knot, even waiters and DJs can’t stop crying. The Pakistani star has revealed a touching moment from her wedding where everyone, including the family and those not related to her, was “ugly crying”. Mahira Khan got married to entrepreneur Salim Karim in October last year. Opening up about the ceremony, the actor said it was an overwhelming moment for everyone involved, including her son Azlan from her first marriage, but what took her by surprise was how even the waiters and foreigner DJs were “crying” when she was getting married. “There was not a dry eye in that wedding. Starting with Salim, Azlan, Amma, Appa and myself. A friend of mine said we were ugly crying. But the best was when I saw the waiters! Even they were getting teary eyed and I was like (fighting tears), ‘ Ye nahi ho sakta! Ye kya ho raha hai?’ “But everyone was (crying). The gora DJs who had come, even they were crying! Woh gore bhi ro rahe the! I am like, what is happening! Because it was so small, intimate, it was a real moment of trust, and letting go,” she recalled. Watch: A post shared by Pakistani Celebrities 🍃 (@pkcelebritiespage) Mahira and Salim got married after keeping their relationship away from the public eye for a long time. A wedding from their wedding, which took place in Pakistan’s Bhurban, showed Salim tearing up as Mahira walked towards him dressed in an ivory ensemble with a trailing veil. This is Mahira Khan’s second marriage. The actor has a son, Azlaan, from a previous marriage with Ali Askari. Click for more updates and latest Bollywood news along with Entertainment updates . Also get latest news and top headlines from India and around the world at The Indian Express . None

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